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New for 2020: Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

Branding has been unveiled for the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels (High A; Florida State League), as the franchise swaps out the traditional Fort Myers Miracle moniker for a new look.

The Miracle brand has a long history, dating back to the franchise’s final seasons in Miami before it relocated to Fort Myers ahead of the 1992 season. With the rebrand, however, the franchise will implement Mighty Mussels–an identity complete with new logos and a color scheme that, according to a team press release, consists of Twins Navy, Gulf Purple, Sunset Lavender, Golden Sun, Yellow Sand and Sky Blue.

“This is an exciting moment in Southwest Florida’s sports history,” Andrew Kaufmann, CEO and owner of Zawyer Sports, the entity that owns the Mighty Mussels, said in a press statement. “Miracle fans are known around the Florida State League for their unwavering support, and we are confident they’ll be eager to show off their ‘Mighty Mussels’ when the season begins in April.”

“The name ‘Mighty Mussels’ conveys a sense of strength and fortitude while being reflective of the natural environment that surrounds us, and Southwest Florida deserves a team name that establishes its own identity,” Bob Ohrablo, president of Zawyer Sports, said in a press statement.

The Mighty Mussels brand was developed by Brandiose, the California-based marketing firm led by co-founders Jason Klein and Casey White.

“Southwest Florida captures the imagination for all who visit or call this home,” Klein said in a press statement. “Our goal is to integrate Fort Myers folklore into the Mussels brand, and to create the most legendary entertainment experience in the region.”

“We are confident the Mighty Mussels name will spark even more fan support, and we’ve even talked about a Flex Cam at the ballpark to capture fans flexing during the game,” Mighty Mussels general manager/operations Judd Loveland said in a press statement. “We can’t wait for Opening Day on April 9.”

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