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Newly Updated: The Endangered Ballparks Page

San Diego Stadium 1967

With the circumstances of several facilities changing in recent months, we have made an update to our Endangered Ballparks page. 

Everyone loves old ballparks: the places where precious memories were created. But not every old ballpark has been adequately maintained or preserved, thus becoming an endangered ballpark. To chronicle those developments and keep tabs on the statuses of old facilities, our Endangered Ballparks page documents the most endangered ballparks in North America, and the odds that they will be saved.

You can view the Endangered Ballparks page and its latest updates here.

We add and delete ballparks from the list as circumstances change. For example, Wichita’s Lawrence-Dumont Stadium was removed in late 2018 and Camden’s Campbell’s Field was just deleted as part of our most recent update. A few other ballparks have just joined the list, while updates to the statuses of existing Endangered Ballparks entries have been made where warranted.

We do not assume that we’ve listed every endangered ballpark (though we do limit ourselves to former and current pro-baseball facilities), so if you think we’re missing one, drop us a line at

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