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Camden Yards Public Wi-Fi Being Explored

Baltimore Orioles

Public Wi-Fi could be available at future Baltimore Orioles games, as the owner of Oriole Park at Camden Yards approved a letter of intent to begin negotiations over Wi-Fi. 

Oriole Park at Camden Yards currently does not feature a public Wi-Fi network, but that could be on its way to changing. Late last week, ballpark owner Maryland Stadium Authority revealed that its board had signed off on a letter of intent to begin a 90-day negotiation period with Verizon.

That could lead to Verizon installing Wi-FI and a distributed antenna system (DAS) to the ballpark, but it remains to be seen whether an installation process will take place. For its part, the MSA indicated that it is premature to estimate when public Wi-Fi could be made available at the ballpark. More from The Baltimore Sun:

The stadium authority said it was too soon to say when Wi-Fi might be available at Camden Yards.

In response to questions about the negotiation, the authority released a statement saying that it and the Orioles are partnering with Verizon. “We are working to fully deploy a far more robust system to enhance our fan experience and offer greater connectivity so our patrons can enjoy live events while engaging with social media and digital content,” the authority said.

Wi-Fi would be free to fans. The installation is expected to be paid for by Verizon.

Complaints about the lack of Wi-Fi have plagued Camden Yards. Without Wi-Fi, fans say, their cellular networks often become overtaxed and slow down because too many people are using them in the same place.

The MSA already has a deal in place with Verizon that includes DAS at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL’s Ravens, so Oriole Park at Camden Yards would be added as part of an amended agreement.

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