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Rocky Mountain Sports Park to Include 4,500-Seat Venue

Rocky Mountain Sports Park

Plans for the Rocky Mountain Sports Park, a planned Windsor, CO-based sports complex, call for a centerpiece facility that will offer a capacity of 4,500 seats. 

Last May, we covered some of the concepts that existed at the time for Rocky Mountain Sports Park. Along with a mix of baseball and softball tournament fields, spaces for high school and collegiate sports, a miracle field, and t-ball and youth fields, the plan called for a 10,000-capacity facility that would serve as a centerpiece for the complex and could eventually accommodate a professional team.

In the period since, some of the plans have been changed, including the specifications for the centerpiece facility. Rather than being built to a capacity of 10,000, the venue is now slated to be constructed with room for 4,500 seats. Firms that will be working on various aspects of the project have been named, and officials from the complex are hoping that construction can begin by March. More from

Four-square Construction and Management based in Casper, Wyoming, has been hired to manage the construction. Their web site shows a series of previous projects including sports fields and a swimming pool. Rocky Mountain Sports Park will be their largest project to date….

Shawn Logan, director of marketing for RMSP, stated that the project is in its infant stages and they are hoping to begin construction in March of 2018. One of the ongoing questions is about where the money is coming from, and why there have been no meetings with the adjacent neighborhoods, although there was a one hour meeting, early in December with the residents of Soaring Eagle Ranch. The meeting was set up by the Soaring Eagle HOA and held at the Windsor Middle School. The press was not invited. Soaring Eagle Ranch is an upscale community on the east side of Hwy 257, directly across from the proposed series of shops, hotels and restaurants depicted in the artist’s rendering.

Along with the 4,500-seat facility, the Rocky Mountain Sports Park is also slated to feature a total of 67 playing fields that will include a mix of baseball, softball, and multi-use playing surfaces, as well as indoor facilities.

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