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Funds for Hinchliffe Stadium Repairs Get Preliminary Approval

Hinchliffe Stadium

A borrowing measure that could fund Hinchliffe Stadium repairs was granted preliminary approval on Tuesday by the Paterson City Council.

The city council considered a proposed borrowing measure totaling $1.38 million. Within that package is funds for repairs to Hinchliffe Stadium, the venerable facility that hosted Negro Leagues action.

Prior to Tuesday, the city council had twice rejected a larger borrowing measure of $2.6 million that would have covered work to Hinchliffe Stadium along with other projects. The most recent vote, however, concerned a smaller measure of $1.38 million, and allowed plans for work at Hinchliffe Stadium to move forward. More from Patterson Times:

Council members approved the borrowing measure without opposition. This measure funds environmental remediation at Hinchliffe Stadium, Overlook Park, and the ATP site. It also funds the first phase of construction at the stadium and improvements to the Overlook Park and the ATP site, according to the ordinance.

Additional action is required, as the council is expected to consider final approval for the measure on June 27. Approval from New Jersey’s local finance board is also needed.

Hinchliffe Stadium originally opened in 1932, hosting the New York Black Yankees and New York Cubans along the way.

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