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Syracuse Chiefs Report Profit in 2016

Syracuse Chiefs

In their latest financial report to shareholders, the Syracuse Chiefs (Class AAA; International League) reported a profit of more than $67,000 in 2016. 

The numbers for 2016 show some signs of progress for the Chiefs, who just a little more than three years ago undertook a drastic overhaul to the organization amidst financial difficulties. Final numbers for the 2016 season show a profit of $67,108, with a total revenue figure of $3,440,484. The club has reported a reduction in losses over three consecutive seasons, which coincides with the tenure of general manager Jason Smorol.

The Chiefs’ track record under Smorol was a focal point as team officials presented the latest financial report. More from

The small figure on the plus side of the ledger comes three years after Jason Smorol took over as general manager of a franchise on the precipice of extinction.

“(It’s) not a big profit, but I’ll take a profit any way I can look at it,” said team treasurer Crandall Melvin III. “We still have a long way to go. All of this is building, building, building to what I feel in 2017 is going to be a very good year. Next year, when I stand here in front of you, I hope that I will have a much more of a significant increase over the $67,000 profit.”

The Chiefs lost $169,011 in 2015, nearly a 30 percent reduction from the $241,584 deficit in 2014. The team lost $973,516 in 2013.

The Chiefs also made a key move in 2016 by extending their commitment to Syracuse with a reworked lease. As part of the agreement, the team will remain at NBT Bank Stadium through 2026 while paying a higher annual rent figure in exchange for Onondaga County picking up maintenance and utility costs.

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