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Waco Ballpark Financing Set for 2018 Opening

Southwestern LeagueFinancing for a new Waco-area ballpark and a new independent team in the startup Southwest League is arranged, with the $11-million project set to begin construction next March.

Waco is one of six markets envisioned for the startup league, with the ballpark to be located in Bellmead. The independent circuit is headed by Mark Schuster and his organization, Ventura Sports Group.

Though smaller than some of the ballparks that have opened in recent years, the Bellmead venue features some of the elements that are common in design trends. It will seat about 2,000 fans, plus general admission sections in the form of berm seating, along with group and premium areas. Bellmead’s facility would also be built to host non-gameday events such as soccer and concerts, the latter of which would be able to accommodate around 10,000 fans. From KWTX:

Waco Sports and Entertainment Vice President Stan Hough says the stadium will cost $11 million to build and says the team will need an additional $1 million for first year operating expenses.

While the company continues to extend an invitation for private investors to become a part of the project and buy a small percentage of ownership in the team, most all of the necessary financing is in place to start construction on March 1, 2017.

“Well our plans are to get the stuff, all the blueprints from the architect to the city here soon, for their engineers and inspectors to go over it, and we should be moving dirt by March,” he said.

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