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One Week Left for Central Florida Name Voting

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One week remains in voting on a name the team contest for a Florida State League team that will begin play at Osceola County Stadium next season. 

The relocating Brevard County Manatees are seeking a new name as they prepare to move to Kissimmee. The six finalists for the name–which will be the first Florida State League squad in Kissimmee since the Kissimmee Cobras left after the 2000 season–were previously announced at the end of July.

Team President Joe Harrington commented, “We are humbled by the response from the Central Florida community. We’ve heard local businesses and organizations were encouraging employees, members, friends and family to submit their thoughts on what our new name should be, and we couldn’t be more pleased. In true Minor League Baseball fashion, the top six finalists reflect not only the creativity of our fans but also the diverse community in which our team will live, work and play.”

Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite name from the group of finalists at Votes can be cast once per day through 11:59 p.m. EST Aug. 18, with the winning name being unveiled in late August.

In alphabetical order, the top six finalists for the “Name the Team” contest are:

Florida Dragonflies: Known for their resilience and fighting spirit, a name among the likes of these prehistoric Florida insects falls in line with other wacky names in Minor League Baseball.

Florida Fire Frogs: Going head-to-head with a fire frog is not for the faint of heart. The fire from these frogs is as hot as a Central Florida summer and will leave their opponents feelin’ the burn.

Florida Mud Kickers: In a nod to Osceola’s strong heritage, the Florida Mud Kickers will help preserve two great American traditions – baseball and rodeo. Saddle up, and let’s play ball!

Florida Rodeo Clowns: The Rodeo Clowns commemorate the world famous Silver Spurs Rodeo. So grab your hat and boots and join the team for an experience more fun than a barrel of Rodeo Clowns.

Florida Sorcerers: The Florida Sorcerers speak to the region’s strong entertainment industry. Fans can expect an enchanted ballpark where the mystical forces of good and evil come to life.

Florida Toucans: The Florida Toucans celebrate the area’s tropical climate that the world “flocks” to (more than 66 million visitors a year in fact!). Imagine steel drum bands, tropical shirts, and an umbrella in your favorite ballpark drink.

“These six names are representative of community suggestions submitted earlier in July,” said Harrington. “Many factors go into the decision to select a team name, but the main considerations are local significance, trademark ability, family appeal and community input.”

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