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AmEx: $300K grant for Hinchliffe Stadium renovations

Hinchliffe Stadium

Some good news for Hinchliffe Stadium fans: American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced $1 million in nationwide preservation grants, including $300,000 for the former Negro Leagues ballpark.

The grant is part of a $1 million fund to support the restoration and preservation of five National Treasure sites, in or adjacent to National Parks. Hinchliffe Stadium opened in 1932. In addition to hosting Negro Leagues action, the stadium hosted concert, high-school events and more. In 1997, the stadium closed because of a lack of funding and structural issues. This grant will preserve two original ticket booths at the entrance to the complex.

“The parks receiving these generous grants from American Express reflect important chapters in our nation’s rich history, from Negro League Baseball to architectural Modernism, and the railroad boom to the Civil Rights Era,” said Stephanie K. Meeks, president and CEO, National Trust for Historic Preservation. “American Express’ timely support of these preservation projects at such diverse places will give more Americans access to appreciate these National Treasures for generations to come.”

Hinchliffe Stadium opened in 1932 and served as home to the New York Black Yankees and New York Cubans. There are some ballparks still standing in some form hosting Negro Leagues baseball of some sort: we count Indianapolis’s Bush Stadium, Birmingham’s Rickwood Field, Paterson’s Hinchliffe Stadium, Newport’s Cardines Field, Jacksonville’s Durkee Field, St. Joe’s Phil Welch Stadium, Savannah’s Grayson Stadium, Cleveland’s League Park, Havana’s Estadio Gran, Helper’s Ernie Gardner Field, Johnstown’s Point Stadium, Jamestown’s Jack Brown Stadium, Hagerstown’s Municipal Stadium, Columbus’s Golden Park, Macon’s Luther Williams Field, Asheville’s McCormick Field, Bristol’s Muzzy Field, Butler’s Pullman Park, Boston’s Fenway Park, Chattanooga’s Engel Stadium, Durham’s Durham Athletic Park, Montgomery’s Cramton Bowl, Hamtramck‘s Hamtramck Stadium, Wichita’s Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and Bismarck’s Bismarck Municipal Stadium, and there are undoubtedly more out there.

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