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Freedom unveil unique Sherlock baseball hats

Florence Freedom Sherlock hat

Maybe it’s because we’re unabashed fans of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch, but we’re really enjoying the release of Sherlock baseball-themed hats by the Florence Freedom (independent; Frontier League).

Sherlock, of course, is the popular reboot of the venerable detective series, with Cumberbatch dazzling as the title character. And the once-popular Sherlock Holmes hat does appear in the series, though with a touch of post-modern irony.

Florence Freedom Sherlock hat

The Freedom brought the Sherlock hat to the baseball world, throwing on a logo and selling it — as well as other Sherlock-themed merchandise— at the ballpark and at the team website. It’s all part of a July 26 promotion: Sherlock Night, where Florence Freedom players will wear the Sherlock hats throughout the game. Each hat will cost $40, a nod to “The Sign of the Four,” an original Arthur Conan Doyle work that served as the basis the second episode of the third season of Sherlock. Trained actors from the Murder Mystery Theater Company will be at the game acting out a Murder Mystery Theater throughout the night.

The script of the Murder Mystery Theater is entitled “Take ‘em out at the ballgame.” The mystery will be acted out throughout the evening until the seventh-inning stretch. At that point fans have until the middle of the ninth inning to cast their ballot on who they think committed the crime. Fans who guess correctly could win one of the special Sherlock hats and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Pretty clever promotion.


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