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Akron RubberDucks unveil new extreme concessions for 2014

Akron RubberDucks

The makeover of the Akron RubberDucks (Class AA; Eastern League) continues, with the addition of a unique pineapple bowl and surprisingly popular beer shakes.

The new Extreme Menu entrée is: the Pineapple TeriyAKRON Bowl. Half a pineapple is hollowed out to create a bowl. It is then stuffed with a stir fry of grilled white-meat chicken, white rice, and diced pineapple before a finishing drizzle of teriyaki sauce. The Pineapple TeriyAKRON Bowl will sell for $11 and will be available at the Nice 2 Meat U Grill located in left field behind the new Fowl Territory seating.

Joining the TeriyAKRON Bowl on the Extreme Menu is the 32-ounce Ugly Duckling. Sixteen ounces of an Irish full-bodied stout beer is poured over three heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped off with chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. The Ugly Duckling is available to adults of legal drinking age at the Sock Hop Ice Cream Shoppe along the right-field concourse and will sell for $9.75. We predict more teams will be adding beer shakes to the menu: The Charleston RiverDogs (Low Class A; Sally League) have been successful selling them, and this spring they were added to the concessions menu at Minnesota Twins spring-training games.

“The Pineapple TeriyAKRON Bowl provides a unique ballpark item and an additional healthy option. As for the Ugly Duckling, it is our first beverage item added to the Extreme Menu and it is a very unique offering for our adult fans at Canal Park,” said RubberDucks director of food and beverage Brian Manning.

“Food is such a big part of the fan experience at Canal Park and under the supervision of our food and beverage director, Brian Manning, our concessions options have really come to life,” said RubberDucks general manager Jim Pfander.

Also available at the Sock Hop Ice Cream Shoppe are the full line of Duck Floats. They will be available in 16-ounce size for $5 and a 32-ounce version for $8. Each float is made up of ice cream mixed with a flavorful soda and is named after a famous duck from the world of entertainment. There’s “The Donald,” made with Orange Crush soda and vanilla ice cream; “The Scrooge,” made with Mountain Dew soda and vanilla ice cream; “The Howard,” made with chocolate ice cream and Mug Cream soda; “The Daisy,” made with Strawberry Crush soda and vanilla ice cream; and “The Daffy,” made with Grape Crush soda and vanilla ice cream.

“The Duck Floats will be a signature item and will make the Sock Hop Ice Cream Shoppe a destination concession stand at Canal Park for both kids and adults. These floats combine two of the most refreshing summer items (soda and ice cream) into a set of colorful and tasty beverages, which will become ‘must-have’ items at games this season,” Manning said.


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