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Hot Rods invite Rally Bear to Bowling Green

Bowling Green Hot RodsSounds like a great time: the Bowling Green Hot Rods (Low Class A; Midwest League) have invited the Rally Bear, banned from Dodger Stadium, to the 2014 season opener.

Makes sense: the Hot Rods mascot is Axle the Bear, so we’re looking at a little early-season bear love here.

As you’ll recall, A self-appointed bear mascot jumped atop the St. Louis Cardinals dugout in Game 3 of the NLCS and led the Dodger Stadium crowd in cheers, resulting in a six-month ban from the ballpark.

With the ban still in place, the Rally Bear is invited to dance with Axle on top of the dugouts at Bowling Green Ballpark, entertaining fans on Opening Night 2014. “Let the record state that Bowling Green Ballpark is bear friendly where dancing is a bear necessity,” according to the team’s press release.


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