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Your first good meltdown of the season: Marty Brown

Buffalo BisonsOK, we’re not talking Phillip Wellman or Wally Backman here. But Marty Brown, manager of the Buffalo Bisons (Class AAA; International League), gives fans a show at Harbor Park.

The Bisons were in town to play the hometown Norfolk Tides, and the event is pretty simple: the umps clearly blew a call on runner interference, where a Tides player heading to second on a ground ball bumped into the second baseman trying to make a play. Instead of calling the Tides runner out, everyone was safe.

Which led to Brown taking the field to argue the call. He was tossed from the game, and he exhibited a level of self-control not normally found in the situation: he sat down on the infield turf, accenting his presence with a casual toss of the cap. The outburst cost Brown a three-game suspension and an unspecified fine.

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