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Wally Backman: Hall of Famer on the meltdown front

Buffalo BisonsWhen it comes to video goodness, former major leaguer Wally Backman, manager of the Buffalo Bisons (Class AAA; International League), is pure gold — and we’ve compiled some greatest hits.

The fiery Backman is known for his passion on the field — both as a player and a manager — and that passion has certainly been captured on video. His latest meltdown Thursday night came at Coca-Cola Field, when he engaged visiting manager Tony Beasley of the Syracuse Chiefs in an epic battle that garnered him a three-game suspension. See for yourself:

And here he is discussing the altercation with a local television station, inpugning Beasley’s integrity:

These sorts of meltdowns aren’t new for Backman: he did the same sort of thing while managing in the independent South Coast League. Take a look for yourself (NSFW):

Here’s a particularly spicy post-game chat. Again, NSFW:


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