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Giants expected to re-up with Augusta — but with hesitations

Augusta GreenJacketsThe San Francisco Giants and Augusta GreenJackets (Low Class A; Sally League) will probably renew their player-development contract, but the Giants warn they want to see better facilities in the Georgia city.

The condition of Lake Olmstead Stadium is a matter for debate by locals, who see nothing wrong with the basic facility. But that’s a misleading stance: in terms of player facilities the ballpark is lacking, and there’s also the issue of the ballpark’s condition: the place is falling down.

“The reality is the facilities are probably the biggest downside for us right now,” Giants Vice President of Baseball Operations Bobby Evans told the Augusta Chronicle. “We have a cage that’s covered, which I applaud ownership for doing that, but when you lose development days due to rain you need to have facilities that can accommodate the work you need to get in. We obviously had to leave the cage as soon as it started raining.”

The GreenJackets have pursued a new downtown ballpark for several years now, but consensus on a site and funding plan remain elusive.

Here’s a look at the current affiliate status.

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