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Best beer values in baseball: Angels, Indians, D-Backs

Old StyleThe best places to catch a relatively cheap beer buzz in Major League Baseball? Anaheim, Cleveland and Phoenix, where ballpark beers can be found for less than $5.

That’s the result of a study from the website, which looked at beer prices in MLB ballparks across America. At Angel Stadium, Progressive Field and Chase Field you can find beers for $4.50 a pour. Conversely, beer at Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins and Minnesota Twins games sells for $7 or higher.

Really, though, there was very little difference in the price of beer in most ballparks when compared by the ounce; yes, that $7 beer in at Wrigley Field is more expensive than the $6 beer at Yankee Stadium, but the Wrigley Field beer is actually less expensive: it’s a 16-ounce pour, while the Yankee Stadium is a 12-ounce drink. And the comparison is kinda silly: it may cost $7 for a crap lager at Wrigley Field, but an Old Style is $7.50 — well worth the extra $.50. So our advice: if you want a beer at the ballpark, don’t sweat the details and buy something you like, especiually if it’s Kraeusened.


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