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America’s most famous tax cheat at the ballpark

Al Capone at Comiskey Park

On Tax Day, it’s appropriate to remember America’s most notorious tax cheat, Al Capone, was a baseball fan at heart; here he is with Cubs catcher Gabby Hartnett during a White Sox/Cubs game at Comiskey Park.

The game was a September 9, 1931 exhibition fundraiser long before the start of interleague play. Capone, far right, was there with his son, Sonny, as well as a slew of close confidantes, including Frank “Cowboy” Di Giovanni, “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn (sitting in back of Capone) and Sam “Golf Bag” Hunt. A colorful group, to be sure. (More on this event at the ballpark here.) 

Capone had already been arrested when this picture was taken and ended up going to jail for tax evasion, not for murder, booze smuggling or other illicit activities. Just a gentle reminder to get your taxes in before the end of day today — lest you end up like Al Capone.


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