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Local group launches season-ticket drive for Ottawa baseball

Eastern LeagueA local group, Champions for Ottawa Baseball, has launched a season-ticket drive for a Class AA Eastern League team in 2013, invoking the name of the Toronto Blue Jays in the process.

The group, which counts Mayor Jim Watson among its members, is asking 2,500 baseball fans to put down $25 on deposit for a season ticket as a way to show community support for the team. The drive, which will put collected deposits in a trust until a team appears, apparently isn’t connected with Beacon Sports, the investment firm that landed the Ottawa Stadium lease and is working to bring an Eastern League team to the Canadian capital.

It’s not rare to see communities launch season-ticket drives like this. What’s surprising is a) the potential owner of the team isn’t involved and b) the group isn’t arguing just for the return of baseball to the area — it’s specifically arguing for a Toronto Blue Jays farm team to be playing at Ottawa Stadium. This puts the Blue Jays in an awkward position: the team can’t really comment on or negotiate toward any Ottawa agreement while it still has a player-development contract with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Class AA; Eastern League). And if we’re running Beacon Sports, we’ve got to be a little worried about any backlash should a Blue Jays affiliation not materialize.

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