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New for 2013: Estadio Sonora

Sonora Estadio

A noteworthy ballpark south of the border designed to host the Caribbean Series, the Hermosillo Naranjeros and potentially some MLB exhibitions or World Baseball Classic games: Estadio Sonora.

The new 15,000-seat ballpark will replace Hector Espino Stadium as home of pro baseball in the Mexican city. It’s a city that’s supported baseball: the Arizona Diamondbacks have played exhibition games there, and it’s been mentioned as a future home to first-round World Baseball Classic games.

Sonora Stadium

Estadio Sonora certainly has a distinctive design, mimicking the general layout of the nearby El Pinacate volcano in the Pinacate Peaks area of Sonora. 

The new ballpark may also coincide with changes in the Caribbean Series: Officials from Cuba and Korea have indicated interest in participating in coming years.

The Naranjeros, by the way, play in the Mexican Pacific League. It’s actually one of the better nicknames in pro baseball: translated to English, the team name is the Hermosillo Orange Growers.

(Via Murray Cook’s blog.)


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