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Biscuits go big with new videoboard for 2012

Montgomery BiscuitsIn the first major upgrade to Riverwalk Stadium since it opened, the Montgomery Biscuits (Class AA; Southern League) will be the proud owners of a new videoboard and in-ballpark television system.

The videoboard from Daktronics will measure 30 x 36 feet, more than four times larger than the existing display at Riverwalk Stadium, making it the largest in the Southern League. Additionally, the ribbon board will run along the left field wall at a size eight-times that of the current display, making it the only board of its kind in the Southern League, and one of the largest in all of minor-league baseball.

“The video board will make the fan experience so much more up-close and personal,” said Biscuits co-owner Sherrie Myers. “We’ll now be able to offer great close-ups of the kids and families in the crowd and replays from multiple angles, all in HD. The ribbon board adds even more, giving our fans stats and scores from around baseball among other things.”

“Riverwalk Stadium has the reputation of being one of the top minor league parks in the country, and we’re committed to keeping it that way for our fans and partners,” said Biscuits co-owner Tom Dickson. “We recognize Daktronics as the premiere company in the industry, and the perfect partner to help us bring a brand of entertainment that will be second-to-none not just in the River Region, but in all of minor league baseball.”

Four new cameras will be installed, and Riverwalk will now feature a closed-circuit television system, allowing the game to be broadcast into the Club Car Bar, the Biscuit Basket team store, and all stadium suites. “BiscuitsVision HD” will be produced and run out of a brand new in-stadium control room complete with 42” monitors.

Here’s a video of how the videoboard will perform.


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