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The Akron Gum Dippers or Tire Jacks? Could happen

Akron AerosThe Akron Aeros (Class AA; Eastern League) are holding a team rebranding contest, and some of the finalists — Gum Dippers, Tire Jacks — are certainly noteworthy.

You don’t see too many rebranding contests in the minors, and the premise of this one is pretty simple: either the Aeros name will be retained or a new moniker will be adopted. The finalists: RubberDucks, Vulcans or the aforementioned Gum Dippers and Tire Jacks. All have to do with the auto and rubber industries: a gum dripper is someone who attaches rubber to a tire, modern tires are Vulcanized, tire jacks are related to cars, etc.

The team is accepting votes through Sept. 1.

Corrected. Thanks, readers!


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