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Windy City closes in on millionth fan

Windy City ThunderboltsThe Windy City ThunderBolts (independent; Frontier League) will be hitting an impressive milestone sometime next month when the one-millionth fan in team history will walk through the Standard Bank Stadium turnstiles.

The team joined the Frontier League in 1999 as the Cook County Cheetahs, playing at Hawkinson Ford Field; today the ThunderBolts play at the same ballpark, now named Standard Bank Stadium. While there’s been some ups and down with the team, things seem to be on an even keel with the present owner and management: the team draws a respectable 1,891 fans a game, pretty much the middle of the road in the indy circuit.

The ThunderBolts are expecting that millionth fan to show up on or before Aug. 14, if attendance trends hold true. They’ll be awarded the usual prizes and have the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.


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