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Verdict on TD Ameritrade Park: OK, but not the ‘Blatt

TD Ameritrade Park

Now that the College World Series is complete — and congrats to South Carolina — it seems like many fans attending festivities at TD Ameritrade Park came to the same conclusion we did: the new ballpark is bland, corporate and lacking when compared to venerable Johnny Rosenbatt Stadium.

The Omaha World-Herald — an unabashed supporter of the new ballpark from the very beginning, with an enthusiasm that sometimes warped its news judgement — printed a surprising story this morning: fans liked some things about the new home of the College World Series, but they found it lacking when compared to Rosenblatt, saying TD Ameritrade Park had a sterile atmosphere. Their reaction was very similar to our commentary about the new ballpark:

The new park is great, they agreed, but there’s a sterility and a corporate feel at the downtown stadium that doesn’t feel quite right. As much as fans like the fancy TD Ameritrade Park, they also miss their old friend Rosenblatt.

“I like it — it just doesn’t seem as homey,” said Jill Quinnette, 24.

Dave Huxhold, 67, grew up in South Omaha and has been going to the CWS since he was a kid.

“This is a beautiful stadium,” he said, “but it’s never going to be Rosenblatt.”

No, no it’s not.

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