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Vegas mayor: We’re ready to build ballpark for American League team

MLB LogoMayor Oscar Goodman says his city has launched talks regarding a new 45,000-seat roofed ballpark in downtown Las Vegas, adding that an American League team is involved. Two guesses as to what team he’s alluding to, but be warned: Goodman’s enthusiasm sometimes outpaces reality.

During his weekly press conference today, Goodman discussed the early stages of the discussions, but there’s no doubt the list of possibilities for teams moving to Sin City is small: Oakland (very, very likely) or Tampa Bay (a long shot).

While he deemed the talks as “serious,” he also tagged them as being in the very early stages and could collapse at any time: “I’m not going to tell you that it’s imminent,” he added.

We can add a few more details that Goodman didn’t discuss, however. For starters, any new ballpark would be part of a larger development; Goodman has been pushing a downtown site for a sports facility for years now and has a deal with Cordish Company for a potential arena anchoring a larger development.

Still, what we’ve been told jibes with what Goodman announced today — and the stress should be placed on the talks being at the very early stages.

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