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Twins to add more SRO tickets, drink rails to Target Field

The Minnesota Twins will cram more fans into Target Field by selling more standing-room-only seats and installing more drink rails.

The actual capacity at Target Field is more of a moving target than you'd think — the Twins officially list it as 39,504, but we're told by insiders it's actually a little north of 40,000. The lower capacity has allowed the Twins to announce sellouts when the place perhaps isn't totally full, but no matter: Target Field is immensely popular.

To capitalize on the popularity, the Twins will begin selling more standing-room-only tickets to the game and installing more drink rails throughout the ballpark. It's a smart move: Minnesotans seem to like standing around and watching a game no matter where it's played (SRO tix to Minnesota Wild games have been popular since Xcel Energy Center opened). So while the official capacity of Target Field won't change, attendance figures could easily surpass what the Twins call the official capacity — and that combines good business with good PR.

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