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College tourney caps comeback for Old Orchard Beach ballpark

The many, many hours of hard work turned in by Old Orchard Beach (Me.) volunteers paid off when the renovated ballpark saw its first action of the season. Yes, we have photos.

The many, many hours of hard work turned in by Old Orchard Beach (Me.) volunteers paid off when the renovated ballpark, the former home of the Maine Guides (Class AAA; International League), saw its first action of the season: the United States College Athletic Association's national baseball tournament.

Linda Jenkins, one of the most enthusiastic volunteers on the project to reclaim The Ballpark at Old Orchard Beach after a fire and years of neglect almost caused the city to tear the facility down, sent along photos of the opening ceremonies (above) and the first game under the repaired lights (below). She wrote:

It has been so rewarding to watch generations of people coming to the stadium. We have the “old timers” who were around when the stadium was built and are thrilled to be sitting in their favorite seats from years ago. Then, we have the generation that grew up with the Maine Guides and the concerts, many of them having their first jobs at the ballpark either parking cars or working concessions. The most exciting group right now is the kids that are getting to enjoy this re-opening. They are coming in droves to catch some foul balls and get autographs from the players. What gratification to know that they are making their own memories of watching ballgames, and they will not have the memory of the stadium being torn down.


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