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More problems for Brockton Rox

With debts approaching a half-million dollars and unpaid rent owed to the city, the future of the Brockton Rox is an open question.

It doesn't appear much has changed for the management of the Brockton Rox (independent; Can-Am Association) since the team closed its doors at Campanelli Stadium at the end of the 2009 season. The team is still in debt, and while the city seems wiling to work with the team on some sort of arrangement for the 2010 season that would allow play, 

As we noted in September when the team shut down operations, there were multiple things at play here. First, the team's lease for the adjoining Shaw's Conference Center was a drag on franchise financials; we're not sure that's changed. Attendance was way down in 2009, and surely the economy was part of that.

There's a nice report from ABC News on the plight of the Rox here:

ABC paints a pretty bleak picture for the Rox, pointing out the team has a half-million in debt.

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