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Richmond contest yields another dreadful name

The extension of Richmond's name-the-team contest yielded another dreadful choice, unless you like cheering for deep-fried cornmeal.

Apparently Darren Rovell sucks as bad as the management of the new Richmond Eastern League team when it comes to picking a team moniker: after a wild-card competition for a sixth name for the team, Rovell came up with, well, an interesting choice.

Richmond Hush Puppies.

You can add Hush Puppies to the list of contenders, which includes Flatheads, Flying Squirrels, Hambones, Rhinos, and Rock Hoppers.

Only one person submitted Hush Puppies as a potential team name, but that submission was so striking Rovell felt compelled to go with it.

Now, maybe you're into cheering for a team named after a deep-fried cornmeal ball or a brand of shoes (yes, we remember buying our Hush Puppies at Woolworth's and Kinney's; that's how relevant the brand is). And there are some oddball names, like the Montgomery Biscuits, that work. So we'll wait and see what name carries the day, but we do find the refusal to throw the Richmond Virginians/Vees into the mix somewhat mystifying.

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