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Should Yankees make adjustments to new ballpark?

Homers are flying out of the new Yankee Stadium at a record pace. Should the Yankees make any changes to the ballpark? The team says none are planned.

With home runs continuing to fly out of the new Yankee Stadium at a record pace — 87 in the first 23 games, a record for new facilities — many are wondering what the Yankees will do to address the issue.

From what Yankees GM Brian Cashman says: not a thing.

“It’s not something I’m even thinking about,” said Cashman when asked by the New York Daily News of the possibility of changes. “Most of the home runs are launched, so I don’t know. We can’t move the subway line.”

However, there are plenty of other changes that can be made. The open concourse is creating a wind tunnel that helps push out homers; dampeners can be installed at key points in the ballpark to cut down the breeze. The Yankees can follow the lead of the Philadelphia Phillies and move the fences back five feet, which is what happened at Citizens Bank Park after its inaugural season. 

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