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Tigers highlight Big Three after loss of GM sponsorship

The Detroit Tigers are using space at Comerica Park previously used for a GM sponsorship to highlight new offers from all three Michigan carmakers.Comerica Park once featured a huge sponsorship from General Motors, who paid to put their name on a huge fountain activated when a Tiger hit a home run.

But given the company’s shaky financial situation, the Detroit-based automaker pulled the sponsorship — probably a good business move given the circumstances.

Instead of selling the sponsorship to another company, Mike Ilitch decided to turn the area into a showcase for all three Detroit carmakers, leaving the General Motors sign up and adding display space for GM and Chrysler logos, which will be unveiled for Friday’s home opener.

"It’s a community decision, not a business decision," Tigers spokesperson Ron Colangelo told AP. "He cares about the city of Detroit. This is something he wanted to do. It’s for the Big Three."

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