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Reconstituted United League Baseball announces first hire: “Dirty Al”

Heh. We just like publishing "Dirty Al" Gallagher’s name, because it’s one of the last good nicknames in baseball. He’s the new manager in Coastal Bend, as the indy circuit ramps up for 2009."Dirty Al" Gallagher is the first hire by the reconstituted United League Baseball. Dirty Al will direct field operations for the league’s new team in Coastal Bend, a well-known graveyard to professional baseball.

"Dirty Al" has spent more than 40 years in professional baseball, including the majors, in a career dating back to 1965 when he was a first-round draft choice by the San Francisco Giants.

"We are proud to announce that we have obtained the services of Al Gallagher for the Coastal Bend club, one of the most competent managers in pro ball," said Byron Pierce, one of the two owners of the new independent ULB, which was plucked out of bankruptcy court in March. "He was a great player and is a great manager, he will be an asset to the region in baseball and as a part of the community."

In his major league debut with the Giants, against the Houston Astros, he went two-for-five. He went on to be named the TOPPS Rookie Third Baseman of the Year. Gallagher completed his major league career in 1973, after being traded to the California Angels, where he spent a full season.

He began his managing career in 1976, first with the Durango Scorpions of the Mexican League and then spent 12 seasons as the pilot of Northern League and American Association clubs. In 2008 he was skipper of the Harlingen WhiteWings, another United League Baseball franchise.

The "Dirty Al" tag was placed on him during his collegiate days. Gallagher told his teammates at the Santa Clara Broncos that he would not wash any aspect of his uniform until the team lost a game. The Broncos won 24 straight before losing.

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