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Comment away on Ballpark Digest

A small step for Ballpark Digest, a nice new feature for readers: the ability to add comments to the end of news and feature articles.Visitors to the Ballpark Digest site today may have noticed something new at the end of news articles and features: a comments field.

We’re partnering with Facebook to add comments to news articles and features. You can use your Facebook login to post comments directly, and you can also have the comment appear in your Facebook feed.

Here’s our official comments policy. Ballpark Digest does not permit the use of foul language, personal attacks or the use of language that may be libelous or interpreted as inciting hate or sexual harassment. (In other words, don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in front of your mother.) In addition, we will delete spam comments upon review — and we define spam as pertaining to a subject unrelated to the article subject. We will not be moderating comments before they go public, but we will be reviewing them after they are posted to ensure they meet these policies. Also, the comments area will adhere to Ballpark Digest’s Privacy Policy: We will not be culling usernames and/or email addresses for any purpose. And if policing comments turns into a huge hassle, we’ll turn off the feature.

When we redesigned the site in 2008, one of our prime goals was to increase Ballpark Digest accessibility. There are now multiple ways to access Ballpark Digest headline past visiting the site. For starters, you can join Ballpark Digest on on Facebook and on Twitter. Headlines are displayed in the Facebook feed, while new articles summaries are posted to Twitter immediately; you can view them with a Twitter client or via SMS. Our weekly newsletter contains stories before they are posted to the site, as well as the latest headlines: you can sign up for a free subscription at the Newsletter Signup Page.

Questions? Send us an email. Or, better yet, post a comment.