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At August Publications, we’re passionate about sports. And so are our readers: more than half of them are in decision-making positions when it comes to purchasing. Whether it’s the baseball team owner signing off on a new scoreboard, an arena manager shopping for new seating, or the university athletic director planning a new level of suites in the football stadium, our readers trust August Publications for help on a daily basis.

Since 2003 August Publications has been a leading source of information on the Internet for sports professionals. Overall, 800,000 Internet users visited August Publications sports websites in 2007, but our emphasis isn’t on raw numbers: it’s on providing targeted editorial content to a highly desirable segment of decision-makers in the sports and facility-management fields. We believe a combination of advertising on our network of websites, newsletters, and multimedia can be an effective marketing tool for your firm.

We have a proven track record in matching advertisers to the right decision-makers, thanks to our strong partnerships in the sports world. The two inaugural advertisers on Ballpark Digest, Populous and ResnickAmsterdamLeshner, are still with us on a daily basis four years later. Our renewal rate on multi-month ad buys is over 90 percent. We take our partnerships seriously.

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness or generate leads – or both — August Publications can put together the right program to reach the $225-billion sports industry. The sports-centric websites of August Publications are recognized as leaders in the publishing industry: Ballpark Digest has been called “indispensable” by the New York Times, and publications like the Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast Portfolio, and USA Today regularly tap our editors for their takes on the sports news of the day.

With between 20,000 and 30,000 unique site visitors per week (on average, as of August 2014) and a readership focused on decision makers within the baseball world, Ballpark Digest is the leading Web resource in the baseball-business universe. Why do decision-makers come daily to Ballpark Digest? Through quality editorial and a breadth of coverage that includes both the major and minor leagues, Ballpark Digest reaches all aspects of the ballpark industry.

To reach this market with targeted advertising in Ballpark Digest, send us email at or call our offices at 877/343-5207. We’d be happy to send you a media kit, more details on site demographics, information on our various ad options, and pricing plans.