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Palm recognition technology on tap for Coors Field

Coors Field

The Colorado Rockies and concessionaire Aramark are on tap to make Coors Field the first sports venue to offer Amazon One’s palm recognition technology as an age-verification tool.

Amazon One technology has been implemented in several ballparks, arenas and sports venues in recent months, but this will be the first time for palm recognition technology as an age verification tool. Amazon One is a free, contactless service that allows customers to use the palm of their hand to pay, enter, or identify themselves. Using the new age verification feature, Amazon One customers can prove eligibility to purchase alcohol in just a few seconds.

At Coors Field, Amazon One’s age verification capability will be available at the Sandlot Brewery, the first brewery inside a Major League Baseball ballpark, and Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar, a full-service bar specializing in local and national craft beers along with a variety of spirits.

“At Coors Field, we pride ourselves in putting the customer experience first. As the first sports stadium to enable cutting-edge palm recognition technology like Amazon One for age verification, we are enabling a friction-free experience for Colorado Rockies fans so they can grab a drink and get back to the game faster,” said John McKay, Senior Director of Food Service Operations and Development for the Colorado Rockies. “Hearing from Amazon One customers across the country, we understand that they love the convenience it delivers: shorter wait times, quicker access, being able to link their loyalty memberships, and now an easy way to grab their beer.”

It does take a little prep to make this happen if you’re a potential customer. First, customers need to enroll; then customers take a photo on their mobile device of the front and back of their valid, government-issued identification (ID)–such as a driver’s license–and then take a selfie to verify their ID. Once completed, customers will be prompted to hover their palm over the Amazon One device at the bar for all future alcoholic beverage purchases. A bartender will receive visual confirmation the customer is of age, and when the customer is ready to pay, they will simply hover their palm over the Amazon One device once more and be charged for their purchase.

“Aramark is constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance and improve the fan experience,” said Alison Birdwell, President and CEO of Aramark Sports + Entertainment. “The opportunity to be the first to launch Amazon One’s age verification technology at Coors Field is an exciting step in our commitment to delivering fast and convenient solutions that allow fans to place their beverage orders quickly and get back to their seats to enjoy the game.” 

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