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It’s PNC Park vs. Wrigley Field in 2022 MLB Best of the Ballparks fan vote

It’s #1 seed PNC Park vs #3 seed Wrigley Field in the finals of the 2022 MLB Best of the Ballparks fan vote, with polling open through Monday end of day. So vote daily!

In the previous round, fans chose PNC Park over Oriole Park in one bracket, and Wrigley Field over Oracle Park in the other bracket. The PNC Park / Wrigley Field matchup is a classic one: the best of the modern retro parks faces off against the notable old ballpark, albeit one steadily upgraded over the years.

The rankings are very loose, so please don’t take offense if your favorite has a low seeding in these brackets. Generally speaking, we divide these rankings into three tiers: elite (the top 13), outstanding (the middle 12) and in need of work (the bottom five). In the case of the bottom five, it’s no secret that MLB teams are seeking replacements or drastic renovations. 

Some things to note. First, you are allowed to vote multiple times, but you can only vote once per day. Second, you don’t need to fill out a full slate: partially filled lineups will count. A running tally of the vote will be presented at the bottom of this page in the form of brackets. Vote below:


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