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Fear of “Las Vegas style shooting” leads to four Denver arrests during MLB All-Star Game week

2021 MLB ASGPolice arrested three men and a woman at the Maven Hotel near Coors Field after seizing 16 long guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to prevent a “Las Vegas style shooting” at the 2021 All-Star Game in Denver.

The four were arrested Friday night after a hotel maid tipped off authorities to the presence of the arsenal, which also included body armor. The four had checked into a balcony room with a view of the downtown area. The Maven Hotel is a block away from Coors Field, and the area around the ballpark was starting to host festivities related to Tuesday’s All-Star Game. From Denver’s Channel 7:

One of the suspects arrested Friday night had posted a message on Facebook referencing a recent divorce and saying he was going to “go out in a big way,” according to the multiple law enforcement sources.

MLB pulled the 2021 All-Star Game from Truist Park and the Atlanta Braves after the Republican legislature and governor placed new restrictions on voting rights in the battleground state–part of a movement by several local and national corporations (Delta, Coca-Cola) in decrying the new legislation. The decision rapidly turned into a culture war, with Gov. Brian Kemp warning that cancel culture threatens the freedoms of all Georgians, with corporate leaders in Georgia hailing the decision. The move led to MLB being accused of political correctness and denouncements from conservatives.

The reference to a “Las Vegas style shooting” is to a 2017 incident at Mandalay Bay, where a gunman killed 60 people and wounded more than 400 at a a music festival.

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