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Listen up: We chat business and baseball with Quint Studer

Quint StuderIt was a distinct honor to join Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Class AA; Southern League) owner and noted entrepreneur Quint Studer on his Busy Leaders Podcast to discuss business and entrepreneurship. So listen up!

We discuss baseball and the business of baseball on our Ballpark Digest podcasts, but the topic here was a little different: my prior publishing experience and how a career that began working for a notable city magazine, MPLS.ST.PAUL Magazine, progressed to writing and editing gigs with the likes of Ziff Davis (PC Magazine, Computer Shopper) and Henry Holt and ending up with a successful startup Internet publishing firm.

The chat was tremendous: Quint has a notable and accomplished track record as an entrepreneur himself, so it was rewarding to share notes and experiences. I’ve lived through a “wildly unpredictable career,” according to the show blurb his staff prepared, “showcasing how every experience you have sets you up for the next chapter, as long as you make a point to learn from it.”

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Here’s the summary of the podcast episode.

This week, Quint talks to Kevin Reichard, the publisher of August Publications, which does several sports, business, and active living websites. They are probably best known for publishing Ballpark Digest. Kevin unfolds the story of his wildly unpredictable career, the lessons he learned, and how some risky decisions he made paid off. (Luckily, he didn’t realize they were big risks at the time.) He showcases how every experience you have sets you up for the next chapter, as long as you make a point to learn from it.

This was a tumultuous year for baseball. The year 2020 was supposed to be a banner year for new ballparks, and they were excited to be covering it. While they missed out on that and on the award season, Ballpark Digest reports that visitors are up 26 percent (even with no games being played this year). The fact that they are a trusted brand, provide good (and diverse) products, and are known for excellence in their practices has allowed them not just to survive but to thrive. When times are hard, a history of excellence helps you manage change and weather storms.

Kevin also talks about how important it is to find your passion. While he didn’t grow up as a “baseball kid,” he got into it as a way to pass the time while he was traveling for his job. But it’s one of his breakout projects at August Publications that reflects his true passion: This site and the Yellowstone Insider for Families book helps visitors plan to have the best experience at Yellowstone National Park. It’s a great example of something that doesn’t seem to “fit” with the rest of his product offerings, but because he is passionate about Yellowstone (and the service journalism it provides), it has been very successful.

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