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New for 2021: Fairfield Properties Ballpark

Long Island DucksThe home of the Long Island Ducks (independent; Atlantic League) will have a new name in 2021 after the sale of naming rights to Fairfield Properties: Fairfield Properties Ballpark.

The naming-rights agreement with the County of Suffolk, which amounts to $7 million over 15 years, places Fairfield Properties branding on the ballpark and on approximately 50 roadway directional signs located throughout the county. The current naming rights deal for Bethpage Ballpark, with Bethpage Federal Credit Union, and worth $230,000 annually to the County of Suffolk, expires at the end of the 2020 calendar year. The naming-rights deal accompanies an extension of the team’s lease to 2030.

“It is my great pleasure to welcome our new naming rights partner, Fairfield Properties, to the team,” said Ducks Founder/CEO Frank Boulton. “Fairfield Properties is an iconic Long Island company whose footprint encompasses the entirety of Long Island much like our Long Island Ducks. I’d also like to congratulate Suffolk County on doing a fine job negotiating the new naming rights deal for the residents of the County of Suffolk.”

“A deal of this magnitude is appropriate for a property that has performed for both the community and its corporate partners the way the Ducks have for 20 years,” said team President Michael Pfaff. “Especially in light of these difficult times, it is a testament to the enduring value and popularity of the brand and the venue. It represents the hard work and dedication of so many. We’re excited to welcome Fairfield Properties as our new naming rights partner and look forward to delivering the type of results our partners have become accustomed to.”

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