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Saints launch annual Name the Pig Contest

St. Paul Saints PorkniteA sign that life does indeed go on: The St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) have launched their annual Name the Pig Contest in preparation for the 2020 season.

Fans can submit an unlimited number of names by going here. One winning name will be chosen for the Saints ball pig in 2020 with the winning entry receiving a $50 Saints gift card, VIP Saints tickets, photos with the pig, a pig meet and greet and a first pitch at a Saints game.

The Saints ball pig begins its season with the Saints on Opening Day, just a few weeks old and weighing only a few pounds, and finishes the season as a full-grown pig, weighing over 200 pounds. The pig has a satchel draped over its back, loaded with baseballs and water, and waddles up to the home plate umpire anytime he needs fresh baseballs or hydration. Any umpire making their first visit to CHS Field must kiss the pig, a tradition dating back to the early years of Midway Stadium.

The 2019 pig took a page out of the popular show Game of Thrones. Instead of Winter Coming, a Saints Championship was on the horizon as Daenerys Hoggaryen provided all the luck the Saints needed to end a 15-year title drought. Many of the past names played on hot topics of the year, current events or local celebrities.  In 2018 the Saints struck a chord with the younger generation as Porknite danced his way into fans’ hearts. The year before that they tested the political waters with Alternative Fats. In 2016 the Saints honored global icon and Minnesota Native son with Little Red Porkette. During the first season at CHS Field the Saints paid homage to Lowertown artists as they went with Pablo Pigasso. In 2014 the Saints received the Colboar bump with Stephen Colboar. The 2012 season saw two mascots for the first time: Kim Lardashian and Kris Hamphries. Past names have included Porknite (2018, shown above), Mackleboar (2014), Brat Favre (2010), Slumhog Millionaire (2009), Boarack Ohama (2008), Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls (2003) and Kevin Bacon (2001).

When the Saints moved to town in 1992, their sister team in Fort Myers was having great success with a live Golden Retriever mascot and the Saints wanted to capitalize on that success. Libby Veeck, the wife of Saints owner and President Mike Veeck, came across an interesting tidbit in a book she was reading and discovered St. Paul was known as “Pig’s Eye” after Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant. Thus, the pig mascot was born.

Since 1993 the Saints have received the pig from Dennis and Marilyn Hauth who handle, train, design costumes and house the pigs.

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