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Minute Maid Park Seats to be Removed for Renovations

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have confirmed that existing seats will be removed from Minute Maid Park this offseason, clearing way for renovations that will result in new amenities. 

Plans have been taking shape for upcoming renovations to Minute Maid Park, with several areas of the ballpark to receive upgrades. In planning for the construction work that will take place at the ballpark, the Astros have revealed that they will remove existing seating to make way for the upgrades, with the seats to be sold. The news was revealed on Sunday via Twitter by Mike Acosta, the team’s historian.

As was learned over the summer, the upcoming renovations to Minute Maid Park will include a new club for season ticket holders along with improvements in the ballpark’s right field that will yield new concessions and standing-room space. More from the Houston Chronicle:

In July, the Astros announced the ballpark would undergo a $25 million renovation in the offseason that will include a club area for season ticket holders and a staircase with dining and bar areas in right field.

While the renovations will remove some seats, the stadium’s capacity won’t be affected because it those seats will be offset by more standing room space.

For the Astros, the upcoming improvements will continue a run of recent renovations to Minute Maid Park. Prior to the 2017 season,  Astros removed Tal’s Hill as part of a project that included a new center-field social space with food and beverage options. Last year, the Astros secured a Minute Maid Park lease extension through the 2050 season that is expected to help facilitate future upgrades to the ballpark, which originally opened in 2000.

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