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Boise State Lands Properties Needed for New Ballpark

Boise State Broncos

Boise State‘s new ballpark plans have taken a step forward, as the university recently announced agreements for two key properties. 

As it prepares to launch a new baseball program that is scheduled to begin play in 2020, Boise State has been planning to construct its own ballpark. The university has been targeting a site just south of football’s Albertstons Stadium for the ballpark’s construction, and needed to reach agreements with separate property owners to secure the land.

An agreement with one of the property owners was previously struck, and Boise State issued an announcement on December 21 that is has come to terms with two additional property owners. More from

The deals appear to avoid eminent domain proceedings on the properties – a move authorized by the State Board of Education in August.

The school said it reached a “compromise” with Boise Church of Christ which owns a parking lot on the corner of Denver St. and Belmont St. that serves its biblical studies center across the street. The school did not elaborate on what the deal entailed.

Separately, the school reached a deal with Cotner Properties and Investment LLC to acquire a duplex the company owns on Beacon St. and Grant Ave. The terms of this deal were also not disclosed.

Statements from the university can be read below:


Boise State University is purchasing a parking lot on the corner of Denver and Belmont streets from Boise Church of Christ.  The parties have engaged in extensive negotiations, which began in late 2017 and have concluded this month when the parties finally reached a compromise.

The lot is among the last pieces of property to be acquired by the university along the south edge of campus between Lincoln, Denver, University and Beacon. Boise State has had this area in its Campus Master Plan for future expansion for more than 40 years.

Boise Church of Christ purchased the lot along with the property that today houses the Biblical Studies Center in 1972.

Boise State officials said they were grateful to church leaders for helping to craft an agreement that will serve the university, the church, students, the city and the neighborhood for many years to come.


Boise State University is acquiring a four-plex on Beacon Street from Cotner Properties and Investment LLC.  None of the units are occupied.

The lot is among the last pieces of property to be acquired by the university along the south edge of campus between Lincoln, Denver, University and Beacon designated by the Boise State Campus Master Plan for future expansion.

Mr. and Mrs. Cotner are the owners of Cotner Properties and Investments LLC.  They are both Boise State graduates, life-time alumni and football season ticket holders.

Boise State officials said they acknowledge that acquisitions of private property for a public purpose can derail the owner’s plans for the property, and that they appreciate that Mr. and Mrs. Cotner were willing to negotiate with them to find a compromise acceptable to both sides and allow for the university’s future growth.

Baseball was last offered at Boise State in 1980, the final season before it was dropped from university’s varsity sports offerings. Plans for the upcoming baseball program were first announced in 2017.

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