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New for 2019: Wheat City Whiskey Jacks

Wheat City Whiskey Jacks

The Wheat City Whiskey Jacks are the latest addition to the summer-collegiate Expedition League, as branding for the Brandon, Manitoba-based club has been unveiled. The logo was designed by Ross Johnson of Ross Johnson Design Company, with Carolina Blue, Dark Gray and Light Gray as the official team colors.

Brandon is known as the Wheat City and Whiskey Jacks, or Gray Jays, are found throughout Manitoba and much of Canada. These birds stay in Canada throughout the winter and the Whiskey Jack was recently recommended as Canada’s national bird.

“The fan participation in naming the team was phenomenal and support for the Whiskey Jacks name was very strong”, said Steve Wagner, Expedition League President. “The residents of Brandon and the surrounding communities now have a great team name and an incredible logo to latch onto. This is an exciting time for Whiskey Jacks fans as we embark on our inaugural season in 2019.”

Opening day of the 2019 Expedition League season is Friday May 24, 2019. Wheat City Whiskey Jacks home games will be played at Andrews Field located at 2000 Hilton Avenue in Brandon.

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