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Bats to Play as Louisville Mashers on May 26

Louisville Mashers

The Louisville Bats (Class AAA; International League) will play as the Louisville Mashers on May 26, paying tribute to the city’s history as a producer of great bourbon.

Bourbon, of course, is cooked and fermented from a mash, and a masher is also a term for a powerful batter. (See: The Baseball Thesaurus, page 35, for information.) So combining baseball and bourbon — especially in Louisville, the bourbon epicenter of the world, makes so much sense.

Designed by Brandiose, the bourbon barrel mascot logo is carrying a bag of corn representing the 51 percent corn mash required to classify whiskey as bourbon.

Evan Williams Bourbon, naturally, is a sponsor of the event, with a tasting of the bourbon scheduled on the concourse. And the first 1,000 adult (21+) fans receive a Mashers-branded bourbon glass.

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