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Mets Expand Protective Netting at Citi Field

New York Mets

The New York Mets are tripling the square footage of the protective netting at Citi Field, a project that is scheduled to be completed next month. 

This expansion more than triples the square footage of existing netting and will be in place for all home games beginning Friday, July 14 when the Mets host the Colorado Rockies in their first homestand following the All-Star Break.

While the Mets’ existing netting meets Major League Baseball’s recommended guidelines, the new netting will exceed the standard established by the Commissioner’s Office. The new protective system will:

  • Expand the span of the 30-foot high (from field) netting behind home plate, beyond the dugouts, to the far ends of the camera wells (to the near aisles at Sections 111 and 124).
  • Add eight-foot high netting (from field) to extend from far ends of camera wells to turn in building at Sections 109 (right field) and 126 (left field).

The expanded areas of the new netting system uses enhanced technology that increases transparency and is 97% invisible.

The Mets issued a statement from the organization stating, “The decision to proceed with these enhancements follows diligent exploration and study with MLB over the past two seasons. Fan safety continues to be our top priority and using this technology will offer state-of-the-art protection for our fans while minimizing the impact on their viewing experience.”

“My sincerest applause goes to the New York Mets for taking this big step in extending protective netting at all of their ballparks,” said NYC Council Member Rafael Espinal. “So many families and fans will be kept safe because of this bold action. The Mets have been engaged and willing to work with me throughout this process. They truly proved that they are willing to play ball and go above and beyond on behalf of their fans.”

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