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Blowfish Unveil “Centerline” Promo to Mark 2017 National Eclipse

Lexington County Blowfish

Another team announces a promotion built around this summer’s National Eclipse, as the Lexington County Blowfish (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) will mark the area’s perfect viewing location with a “Centerline” season-long promo.

The team will don “Centerline” jerseys at the team’s season opener on June 1 to begin the promo. The Blowfish will also wear the themed “Total Eclipse” jerseys during selected road games to the fifteen cities of the Coastal Plain League, which include other South Carolina cities and in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.

On Aug. 21, 2017, the United States will be treated to the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years, as citizens from Oregon to South Carolina will be impacted by a 67-mile-wide path across the country. We’re certain to see lots of public activities centered on the National Eclipse, and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (short season A; Northwest League) are already planning an EclipseFest at Volcanoes Stadium to coincide with a home baseball series August 18-21.

In South Carolina, the eclipse will cut through the heart of Lexington County and cast total darkness for 2 minutes and 38 seconds. In fact, Lexington County Baseball Stadium is projected to be at the center of the eclipse — hence the “Centerline” promo.

“I am a bit of an astronomy enthusiast and my wife Vicki and I hold Lexington County close to our heart,” said Bill Shanahan, founder and co-owner of the Blowfish. “We are proud to live in Lexington County and to have the Lexington County Blowfish show support for science and the five Lexington County Elementary School Districts. The one-of-a-kind commemorative total eclipse jerseys will be helping to raise funds and awareness for science programs within all the districts.”

The Blowfish will be holding a silent auction on the final Saturday night home game of the season, August 5.  Fans will have an opportunity to bid on the player jerseys that night up to the seventh inning.  The auction will be followed by a “Total Eclipse” Concert in the Sky Fireworks Spectacular. Proceeds of the auction will benefit the five Lexington County Elementary School Districts to help promote science. On Aug. 21, the Blowfish will open the Lexington County Baseball Stadium and field as a free, safe and central location to view the Great American Eclipse.

Other season-long promotions include a “Total Eclipse Inning,” Total Eclipse Glasses and “Moon Pies” tossed out to the crowd. In addition, the foul lines at Lexington County Baseball Stadium will be renamed for the 2017 season as “centerlines.”

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