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Dennis Bastien Named Prospect League Commissioner

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Dennis Bastien has been named the commissioner of the Prospect League, as the summer collegiate circuit has announced his appointment. Bastien signed a three-year contract with the league that began on December 1. 

Bastien was selected by publication, “Baseball Sporting News” as Executive of the year for Minor League
Baseball in 1988.

A few of Dennis Bastien’s career highlights include Owner/President/General Manager-Charleston
Wheelers Class A team of the Chicago Cubs, then evolving into Cincinnati Reds Class A franchise. Twenty
(+) years in the minors as a franchise owner/operator/general manager, Dennis recognizes the
challenges behind the scenes of baseball operations. Bastien is considered exceptional in public
speaking, corporate sales presentations and municipal /city/ballpark research and development, having
done so in several cities for expansion teams and league growth in the Minor Leagues.

Bruce Rosselli, Prospect League President and Interim Commissioner, set out a search nationwide for
candidates. “Like signing players, we want the best, and sometimes you sign that last minute player that
ends up being an All Star, said Rosselli. After honing down for an interview with the top three
candidates, out of dozens who applied I got that last minute call from Mr. Bastien. I knew in five
minutes on the phone, we might have that All Star, and included him in the interview process with the
Executive Committee, and he was a hit, said Rosselli”.

Said Bastien, “It is a unique honor and privilege to be named Commissioner of the Prospect League. It is
truly an outstanding organization and historic league. Their directors have been amazing in this process
and we were extremely blessed to even be considered. I feel God led us to this position and through
Him we will all work to elevate the Prospect League to its’ highest level. We are very humbled and proud
and look forward to working with the teams, their leaders and each current and future organization.”

The position for league commissioner became available when Prospect League Commissioner Bryan
Wickline’s 2 year term ended September 30, 2016, thus choosing not to seek a contractual extension.
Bryan Wickline’s commitment to the league will continue as owner/operator of the Chillocothe Paints.

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