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Cardinals Unveil Ballpark Village Expansion

Ballpark Village Phase 2

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced an expansion of Ballpark Village, which includes a new residential tower, office space, and retail and entertainment options.

Billed as the second phase of Ballpark Village, the project will be concentrated along Clark Street and cost $220 million. Funding could include a 1% sales tax within Ballpark Village that will be used to underwrite the bonds. The Cardinals will ask the City of St. Louis to modify the existing development agreement concerning Ballpark Village.

Located at the corner of Clark and Broadway, the 29-story residential tower is already being touted for its view of the ballpark and downtown St. Louis attractions, including the Gateway Arch. As part of the development, the tower will include a pool area as well as first floor retail.

On the corner Clark and Eighth streets, a Class A office building will be constructed. Along with the office space, the new structure will include first floor retail and entertainment options, which will be supported by underground parking.


Another major addition that will come with Phase two is a new retail space. The two-story space will be utilized as a marketplace and entertainment venue, and will be built around Ballpark Village’s existing open space.

Ballpark Village phase 2

Ballpark Village was a development that had been was planned by the Cardinals for several years, and it was set to open within a few years of Busch Stadium‘s debut in 2006. However, the 2008 financial crisis and other factors caused the project to be delayed until it finally opened in 2014. Our own Mark Cryan took a closer look at Ballpark Village upon his 2015 visit to Busch Stadium.

Ballpark Village second phase

Construction on the second phase of Ballpark Village will begin in the second half of 2017, with portions of the expansion possibly ready in 2018. The entire second phase will be finished in 2019.

Renderings courtesy St. Louis Cardinals. 

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