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Cyclones to celebrate “25 Years of Seinfeld”

Seinfeld cast

This should be one of the MiLB promo highlights of the season: the Brooklyn Cyclones (short season A; NY-Penn League) are celebrating 25 years of nothing in a Seinfeld promo on July 5.

It’s quite clever, really: put together the Soup Nazi, lots of fan participation and tons of Seinfeld references (Junior Mints, marble rye and, of course, shrinkage), and you have the makings of a great night.

Here’s the info from the Cyclones:

We have Seinfeld-themed entertainment scheduled for before first pitch (well, before first pitch if you count the Puffy Shirts the Cyclones will wear during batting practice). We will hold a cereal eating competition (who can finish an entire bowl, milk and cereal, in the quickest time.) We will also hold an Elaine Dancing competition to find out who is Brooklyn’s worst dancer with the winner going home with “A Big Salad” as his / her prize. If you are interested in participating in either of these contests, and you already have tickets, please contact us at We will also have a closest to the “blowhole” challenge with participants selected at random the night of the game. In addition, we are looking for several people to join us for special first pitch opportunities. Here’s what we need:

  • Someone named Jerry, George, Elaine and someone with the last name Kramer to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.
  • Someone who is an importer/ exporter.
  • Someone who is an architect.
  • Someone who is a postal service employee who is willing to show up in uniform.

If you have tickets, and fit one of the above categories, pleas e-mail

IN-GAME — Some of our in-between inning contests will have a noticeably different feel as we pay homage to some of the best moments from Seinfeld. Here’s just a few of the ideas we are tossing around for in-between inning contests, with the best of the best to make their debut on July 5th.

  • The Junior Mint Toss
  • Eating a candy bar with a fork and knife
  • A Candy Bar lineup aka Name the Twix
  • Is it a Pick or a Scratch? We’ll show various people with their fingers in the neighborhood of their nose. Contestants will have to tell us whether it’s a pick or a scratch.
  • Fishing for Marble Rye
  • Piggy Back Races Around the Bases in honor of Kramer and the Pig Man.
  • The Shrinkage Race – kids will have to race with oversized clothes on, and then tag their parent who will complete the race wearing itty bitty children’s clothing.
  • Fattest Wallet in the Ballpark (Bonus points if you have any hard candy in there)

ALL-GAME-LONG — Fans will be encouraged to visit our ballpark face painters and get decked out in Cyclones themed face art because “You’ve Gotta Support the Team.”  We have also partnered with a company called Exhilent who will be providing the software necessary for us to have over 300 Seinfeld related trivia questions available to those in park, and those who wish they could be in park, through a program called Screen Duet. Be sure to visit for your chance to play along.

APPEARANCES — We will have several characters from the show in the park that evening, so be sure to bring your camera:

  • Larry Thomas – The actor who played “The Soup Nazi” on the show will have a special meet and greet with fans as part of our “Free Soup For You Package” presented by the Original Soup Man before the game starts. Once that’s over he will head to the concourse for photos and autographs with Cyclones fans.
  • The Real-Life Kramer – Kenny Kramer, who is the basis for the Michael Richards character, will be on hand promoting his “Kramer’s Reality Tour” and will have additional Seinfeld related items for sale.
  • Rosalind Allen – Rosalind, who played the role of George’s love interest on the classic episode “The Marine Biologist,” will be on hand to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. She’s been practicing.


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