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Cactus League attendance up in 2014

2014 Spring TrainingWith Cubs Park packing in the fans, Cactus League per-game attendance was up in 2014, although the total attendance was slightly down because of fewer game days.

Overall, 1.68 million fans attended Cactus League games, according to Cactus League officials. That’s less than the 1.73 million fans attending Cactus League games in 2013, but there’s a simple explanation: there were 32 days of spring training this year, compared to 37 days last year. Add in the 22 game days missed by the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, who opened the regular season in Australia, and you had another key reason why total attendance was down. (The Diamondbacks, interestingly, are one of top draws in the Cactus League.)

Speaking of the Cubs: We officially have a top spring-training draw in Cubs Park. The Cubs set a record for Cactus League attendance — 214,815 fans in 15 games — and snared the top 12 entries in Cactus League record books for largest crowds for a single game, with all of them tallying more than 14,000 fans.

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