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New for 2014: Mid-Plains League

Mid-Plains LeagueWe have a course correction for what was earlier announced as the Great Plains League, as the renamed Mid-Plains League will launch with six member teams in Kansas and Missouri.

The league will be made up of the Topeka Golden Giants (Topeka, Kansas), Rossville Rattlers (Rossville, Kansas), Junction City Brigade (Junction City, Kansas), Topeka Senators (Topeka, Kansas), Midwest Athletics (Peculiar, Missouri) and Baldwin City Blues (Baldwin City, Kansas).

The League’s first commissioner is David Streeter, general manager for the Rossville Rattlers. Streeter brings multiple years of experience in summer collegiate baseball to the table. Streeter previously helped run the Topeka Golden Giants in 2010 and for the past two seasons has run the Rossville Rattlers.

“This league is all about player development. We are here to provide a quality experience for players of all skill levels,” Streeter said. “Our membership is based off like-minded principals which we believe will ensure the league’s growth and help promote the sport of summer collegiate baseball for seasons to come.”

The Mid-Plains League will feature a 30-game regular season schedule, beginning on June 5 and culminating on July 10. There will be a postseason league tournament called the Summer Classic that will take place from July 16 and end with the league championship on July 20.

The Mid-Plains League is also working on an All-Star Game on July 5, with the MPL All-Stars playing an opponent to be determined.

“We are excited about our brand of summer collegiate baseball and look forward to promoting our product within the region,” said Streeter. “Not only is the baseball very good, but the experience is family friendly and the most affordable entertainment option during the summer. There will be some great rivalries that develop and some existing rivalries that will blossom even more.”

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